Fall 2019 Auditions will take place August 27-31.

In order to sign up for an audition, you must first fill out THIS Google form. You will then be given a link where you can sign up for an audition time.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I know whether or not I need to fill out the google form and/or sign up for an audition?

This is a GREAT question! Although there are several things to taken into account here, EVERY SINGLE PERSON WANTING TO SING IN AN AUDITIONED CHOIR IN FALL 2019 MUST FILL OUT THE GOOGLE FORM!!!

  • If you did not sing in an auditioned BYU choir during Winter 2019, you need to fill out the online Google form and then sign up for your preliminary audition time on the online sign up sheet.
  • If you sang in an auditioned BYU choir during Winter 2019 and you’d like to remain in that choir, you STILL need to fill out the online Google form.
  • If you sang in an auditioned choir during Winter 2019 and you’d like to progress to another choir, you need to fill out the online Google form and then sign up for a preliminary audition.
  • If you have any questions about how to sign up for an audition/what requirements you need to meet, please email the choral clerks at choralclerk1@byu.edu.


2A. What do I need to prepare for the audition?

Men are asked to prepare the melody of one verse of a hymn to sing a cappella. Women are asked to prepare the melody of one verse of a hymn to sing a cappella depending upon the singer’s voice part (see below). Auditionees may also choose to prepare an art song for their audition, and if so, may be asked to sing it. Art songs should be of a lyrical nature, and demonstrate the most beautiful part of the auditionee’s range. ***Art songs are not required, and not preparing one will have no effect on your chances of being accepted into a BYU Choir.***

SOPRANO I: Hymn #1 – please sing in E-flat major

SOPRANO II: Hymn #165 – please sing in F major (please sing ONLY lines 3, 4 and 5)

ALTO I: Hymn #100 – please sing in F major

ALTO II: Hymn #98 – please sing in G major


2B. An art song is not required, but should you choose to prepare one, here are a few things you need to know:

  • You will NOT sing the art song in your preliminary audition. Neither will you sing it if you are sent on to Sister Applonie’s audition for Women’s Chorus or Sister Hall’s audition for Men’s Chorus.
  • If you make it through the audition process to a Concert Choir audition with Sister Hall, or a BYU Singers audition with Dr. Crane, you should inform them if you have an art song prepared.
  • If they decide to hear it, you will sing your art song either a cappella or they will accompany you.
    • Please bring sheet music for them to read, hole-punched and in a binder.
  • You may be asked to sing one verse, 16 bars, or the entire song.  It just depends on how much they need to hear.


3. What happens in a typical audition?

Each student starts with a preliminary audition. A few quick exercises are done to determine the singer’s vocal range, tonal memory, and sight-reading skills. The student will then be invited to sing his/her prepared hymn verse. Students may be asked to sing portions of the hymn in different keys to determine the most comfortable range for the singer. If a student passes their preliminary audition, they will be invited to sign up to sing for one of the conductors. If they pass that round of auditions, they may be asked to sing for another conductor.

After completing any and all rounds of auditions in which a student gets invited to participate, they will be given a sheet that details the callback information.

After the audition process has finished, usually on the first or second day of classes, a callback list will be posted outside each of the conductor’s doors.


4. Can I audition for more than one choir?

Yes. The audition process is designed to take each singer through a series of rounds to determine his/her best and most appropriate choir placement. All singers are initially considered for all choirs. Final placements are determined by considering singer interest, audition performance, and schedule availability.


5. Can I audition for more than one voice part?

Yes. Each singer is thoroughly tested to determine his/her most appropriate voice part. The decision is made by considering the singer’s vocal range, color, and tone clarity.


6. Do we register for the choir before auditions, or do we wait until we know which choir we are in?

Most students will wait until auditions are over and the final rosters are posted before registering for the class. Students who wish to sing in University Chorale, however, do not need to audition. It is recommended that students sign up early for University Chorale, as sections can fill up quickly.


7. Do I have to be a music major to get into a choir?

We have hundreds of singers each year who major in something other than music. All students are encouraged and welcomed to audition regardless of experience or perceived ability level.


8. I want to reserve time in my schedule for the choirs. When does each choir meet?

BYU Singers: MWF 1:00 – 1:50 PM, TTH 12:00 – 1:20 PM

Concert Choir: Monday through Wednesday 2:00 – 2:50 PM, Thursday 1:30 – 2:50 PM

Women’s Chorus: Monday through Wednesday 3:00 – 3:50 PM, Friday 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Men’s Chorus: Monday through Wednesday 4:00 – 4:50 PM, Thursday 3:30 – 4:50 PM

University Chorale (non-auditioned choir): MWF 12:00 – 12:50 PM or TTH 4:00 – 5:30 PM


Specific questions are welcome and can be directed to choralclerk1@byu.edu.

If you need to change your audition time, you can access that spreadsheet here. YOU MUST FILL OUT THE GOOGLE FORM BEFORE PUTTING YOUR NAME ON THIS LIST.

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