The Brigham Young University Men’s Chorus is thought to be the largest collegiate male choral organization in the country. Founded in 1958, it has steadily grown to its present membership of 180 voices, with over 400 annually auditioning for the ensemble. As a result of its versatile literature and engaging performance style, the BYU Men’s Chorus has captured the admiration of audiences throughout the Western United States and beyond.

Each year the choir includes a diverse and unique representation of the university community. Choir members originate not only from the United States and Canada, but from countries throughout the world. Of the 180 members only a few are music majors with the remainder drawn from every college and department of the university. Over 2/3 of the chorus have served LDS missions throughout the world, and a large number are planning to serve after their 18th birthdays.

Men's Chorus

The BYU Men’s Chorus in performance:

Hallelujah, Amen – G.F. Handel

Red River Valley – Miles Ramsey

Jonah – Peter Schickele